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Olio Zone & Messy Matches!

fun series for your enjoyment

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Special Guest
Cameron Mathews
takes on
Sam Smiler
Team Spotland
to be
King of the Oil
Slithery Scrappers

Slithery2  Slithery1  Slithery3  Slithery4 

SlitherySam  Slithery6  SlitheryTeam

Download Slithery Scrappers at: Buy Now

and a special treat for oil wrestling fans ...

Slither Factor
Oil Wrestling
DVD compilation
Sammy Scrapper v Sam Smiler
Young Ady v Sammy Scrapper
*** Cameron Mathews *** 
Sam Smiler
Team Spotland


over an hour of fun action


Slap 'n Dash
Young Ady joins Sammy
Slippery Scrappers 
filmed as part of Phil's 60th Birthday Celebration.




Make A Splash!

Our first
Ring Pool Matches
Team Spotland

Splash2  Splash2  Splash6  Splash3  Splash5

"Make A Splash!"
Custom Water Fights filmed in HD video

now available on DVD


Team Spotland go in at the Deep End
in Splash Factor photo & videoshoot

SplashF1  SplashF5  SplashF5


  SplashF4  SplashF6  SplashFady 

SplashFsammy  SplashFjun  SplashFsmiler

Sam Smiler, Sammy Scrapper, Ray Junior & Young Ady
having fun at Helmsley Pool  in Splash Factor
download at: Buy Now

custom pool moves - behind the scenes clips - action shots
Sponsored by Rob

also on Strange Customs DVD compilation!


 Cameron Mathews was surprised to find Team Spotland had prepared a pool of custard for him!

Cameron was joined by his friend Adam Flash  in  Custitle  Custard Creams

Cust4  Cust9  CustA              

Cust7  Cust8 CustB  

Cust14  Custard Creams is available to download at: Buy Now
and on Cameron Factor DVD: http://www.spotlandscrappers.co.uk/ourshop/prod_2937540-Cameron-Factor.html

"It is hilarious and excellent ... with an ending that's just perfect."


and close to water ...
On Our YouTube Channel

DuneWarsTitle  DuneWars13  DuneWars8

Dune Wars
Young Ady & Sammy Scrapper
on Shell Island

Free for Subscribers at:


We return to Helmsley Pool
for Scar Wars 1

ScarWars2    ScarWars7
Young Ady v Cristi Man
underwater action!


A Refreshing Cool Down
at the end of a training session

Team Spotland
take part in the
Ice Bucket Challenge
Macmillan Cancer Support


IceBucketChallengeYA1    IceBucketChallenge2

For more info and to donate: www.macmillan.org.uk

We've heard of Dancing on Ice
but never Wrestling on Ice!!!
There's cool action with Young Ady v Cristi Man
followed by Sammy Scrapper, Cristo Cub & the Team Spotland brand of mayhem!

Prevew  on YouTube:


Summer Spectacular

It's the time of year for an "End of the Pier Show"
but trust us to go one step further into the sea ...


Ray Junior - David Cuplu - Young Ady
in Sand Storm






Young Ady


Sand Storm
available on Rip Tide DVD compilation
A Rippin' Yarn & Day Job

Download at: Buy Now

Preview at: https://youtu.be/DPjZwBElnF8


Kirkpinar to The Loft

a treat for oil wrestling fans
with our first Turkish-style contests
on the new Loft Studio "Olio Zone"


Sam Smiler v David Cuplu
in Turkish Delight

Turkish2  Turkish4  Turkish3

  Turkish5  Turkish7  Download  Turkish Delight 1 at: Buy Now

Return to Kirkpinar

Turkish2i     Turkish2ii

David Cuplu v LJ Silva
& LJ Silva v Ray Junior
in Turkish Delight 2

Turkish2v      Turkish2vi     

Download  Turkish Delight 2 at: Buy Now   Turkish2vii

Turkish Delight 1&2 DVD
Sam Smiler - David Cuplu - Ray Junior - LJ Silva
on sale from our website shop at: http://www.spotlandscrappers.co.uk/ourshop/prod_4040128-Turkish-Delight-12.html

Preview on our YouTube Channel at: https://youtu.be/BlIEDdpA2_w


More Slippery Scrappers!
Fun candlelit oil wrestling on the Olio Zone
in Slide Rules 1

slidepicasa  Sam Smiler v LJ Silva  slidepicasa-002  slidepicasa-010

slidepicasa-031  Ray Junior v Lofty  slidepicasa-032

slidepicasa-047  David Cuplu v Gypsy Joe  slidepicasa-054

Download  Slide Rules 1 at: Buy Now

Ray Junior v Joey Eden
in Slide Rules 2

SlideRules26  Download  Slide Rules 2 at: Buy Now

Slide Rules 1&2 DVD on sale from our website shop at:

Slide Rules 3 & 4
our latest recruits are under the spotlight in two more fun oil matches

 Manni v David Cuplu in Slide Rules 3 
SlideRules3Manni  SlideRules3vii  SlideRules3     
SlideRules3viiiiiiiii  David Cuplu v Sam Smiler in Slide Rules 3

SlideRules4  SlideRules3xiiiiiiiiiiii  Ray Junior v Adri in Slide Rules 4 
Slide Rules 5 & 6
sliderules5  Manni v Adri in Slide Rules 5  sliderules5&6-001

sliderules5&6-014  Ray Junior v Fernando in Slide Rules 6  sliderules5&6-019

Slide Rules 7
introducing Calos Luchador
from Sunny Spain!

 Ray Junior v Carlos Luchador in Slide Rules 7
sliderules7-014    sliderules7-006    sliderules7-016

sliderules7-019    sliderules7-004    sliderules7-028   
Download Slide Rules 5, 6 & 7 at Buy Now
Slide Rules 3 to 6 DVD Compilation
on sale from our website shop at:

Bisto Boyz
party-time in The Loft Annexe!

bistokids-031      bistokids-034   


Ray Junior - Joey Eden - Adri - Gypsy Joe - LJ Silva
are the Bisto Boyz

   bistokids-026     bistokids-029
bistokids-047     bistokids-045
Download Bisto Boyz at: Buy Now

Double Slided
a 2v1 oil wrestling match
with two big guys dominating a small guy who doesn't like oil!

doubleslided-010  Lofty Valentino & LJ Silva v Ray Junior in Double Slided

doubleslided-018     doubleslided-008 

doubleslided-001     doubleslided-025   


   doubleslided-030     doubleslided-038     

doubleslided-023  Download at: Buy Now

Custom Match Sponsored By Olringen Fan
"I want to thank you so much.
The team really did a great job.
The guys look perfect and are in a great shape. And they really did everything I proposed.
But what I liked most was Lofty’s talking during the match. He is not only an extremely handsome wrestler, but a great actor, too.
It really was as if he was the stage director of the whole match.
So thanks again to the whole team."


Easy Peasy
Olio Zone 2v1 Challenge
Ady thinks it's going to be easy but has to work hard against two lively lightweights
until he gets some help from an unlikely source

Young Ady v Ray Junior & Carlos Luchador

easypeasy-001     EasyPeasy1 

easypeasy-020     easypeasy-022

Download at: Buy Now

Slide Rules 8

LJ Silva v Carlos Luchador
SlideRules8i    sliderules8-008

Slide Rules Double
DVD Compilation
Slide Rules 7 & 8
Double Slided
Easy Peasy
five guys in four fun oil wrestling matches
on sale from our Shop at:

Preview at: https://youtu.be/yI79-gFsjcw

Slide Rules 9

sliderules8&9-004    Young Ady v David Cuplu


Barmouth Rocks
the guys play & practice on sunny Barmouth Beach
to the sound of the waves and background music

with Ray Junior, Joey Eden, Adri Gold, Gypsy Joe & Gorilla Demascat

BarmouthRocks7         BarmouthRocks2

BarmouthRocks11        BarmouthRocks6   

BarmouthRocks9        BarmouthRocks1

available on DVD


Comic Relief
Red Nose Day 2017

 What is Red Nose Day?

Since its launch in 1988, Red Nose Day has become something of a British institution.
It’s the day, every two years, when people across the land can get together
and do something funny for money at home, school and work.
There’s a night of TV on the BBC, with comedy and entertainment to inspire the nation to give generously. 
Plus there's a Funraiser from Spotland Scrappers!

Comic Relief spends the money raised by Red Nose Day to help people living tough lives across the UK and Africa.

This year Team Spotland take to the paddling pool once more in Slimeballs
Slimeballs3  Slimeballs6  Slimeballs1
Ray Junior, Sammy Scrapper, Gypsy Joe, Sam Smiler & LJ Silva
making a right mess ... again!

Slimeballs4  available on DVD


Jello Babies a messy custom match with Ray Junior & LJ Silva in their Navy & Army trunks jello1    jello2    jello5  jello4    jello3    jello7 Ray Junior v LJ Silva  jello6    jello9
Download: Buy Now
Many thanks for the bout - overall I think it worked well.
Ray Junior was great as ever and LJS has clearly been working out.
I'd definitely be up for sponsoring another messy match." 
and here it is ...
Turkish Delight 3
custom oil wrestling with both guys really going for it
TurkishD310  TurkishD37  TurkishD39  TurkishD35
Young Ady v Ray Junior
Download: Buy Now     TurkishD313  TurkishD38
Sponsored by Lionel Messy
Many thanks for this - a great match up between two leaders of the Spotland crew
- one of the best oil matches you've filmed (and I reckon I've got them all!)  
As you say - the two guys really go for it, and are both looking in great shape
- the lighting and the oil really show off their muscles,
I'm not sure many of the moves would be legal in Kirkpinar.

 Here's hoping it'll sell well and you do more oil bouts
(happy to sponsor other oil/messy bouts in a few months,
but would be good if others did too !!)

 "... it's really well filmed and the two guys are in peak shape ... I love the 'wardrobe malfunction' at the end!"


The big Frenchman gets a surprise from our two chipper small fries on the Oil Zone in French Fries
FrenchFries5  FrenchFries2  FrenchFries4  FrenchFries1
Eti Eiffel v Ray Junior & La'al Pete  FrenchFries3  Download: Buy Now  
 I just purchased French Fries and I'd like to say how great the match and filming is ... I enjoyed it from start to finish ..."

Mud Lark
Ady & Flavi are training in the woods but they're short of a weight to lift when along comes some help ...
MudLark4   MudLark3   MudLark2
Young Ady & Flavi Forza with La'al Pete
MudLark6  MudLark6  MudLark5

Download: Buy Now     MudLark8

 "A real treat, not just for muddy/messy bout fans but also those into lift/carry scenarios.
The outdoor setting is fantastic (the perfect plot and muddy woodland glade !)
and loved the way their bodies (and trunks) got more and more dirty as the bout went on. 
A 'must have' addition to the Spotland wrestling library!"

" If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise ...
an unusual messy outdoor setting ... the muddy trio enjoyed themselves."