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Smiler's Challenges
Sam faced two Knockdown Challenges
Rob Palomino v Sam Smiler 
& Ray Junior v Sam Smiler       
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"Enjoyed the technical tenacity and creative athleticism of the guys
as Smiler pushed for a winning result against the Roster lightweights."


Flag Down
the winner takes three flags in a rope match
    flagdown-023    flagdown-014 
Tiger McGuigan Jnr v Ray Junior      
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We enter the New Year
with a lively Brit Pro style bout
as up and coming Rob Palomino
takes on the solid-looking 4GW star AJ Johnson

AJ Johnson v Rob Palomino
with Referee Nigel Crabtree
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"Good bout to kick off the new year
with Rob taking an early risk with a forward roll off AJ's shoulders ...

but AJ showed his attacking skills which kept Rob on his toes and allowed the bout to flow ...
both lads going for pinfall opportunities.
Well done to them for giving us old-school WOS fans a nicely-paced technical bout."


Renatus I
featuring Sammy Scrapper as he returns to fitness

Renatus150   Renatus135   Renatus136  
Sammy Scrapper v Young Ady
with an incredible range of wrestling moves
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"... an awesome match."
"... Sammy's new hairstyle gives him a tougher edge."
"Great seeing Sammy back in action
and giving big bro a hard time ...
 he's looking lean and mean ..."


LycraLads3v  The Lycra Lads 3 & 4 Custom Matches
Jobbers Ray Junior & Sammy Scrapper suffer punishing moves
involving ropes, ring posts and
the hands (and feet!) of Young Ady
in these custom scenarios

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Sponsored by Steve Affleck


"Who's The Boss?" 4
Experienced French Strongman Eti Eiffel towers over Spotland's Sammy Scrapper
WTB4ii   WTB4vi   WTB4vii
Eti Eiffel v Sammy Scrapper
Download Buy Now    WTB4viii   WTB4i 

"Really enjoyed WTB4. Sammy has matured in this series.
He showed great tenacity against a much stronger opponent and fought well."

"Love that Who's The Boss is back. Sammy shines in those matches."
"Great set-up for guest wrestlers."

"One of the best wrestling vids I have ever purchased."
"Love bearhugs so more big vs small please!"

"Highly recommend this video.
Well priced at less than $15 too! WOW!
Hope to see more of Eiffel, next time in trunks in a ring!"

Fat Chance
Gypsy Joe says Adri is overweight as he's under the spotlight
in a match that scissor fans will enjoy
Gypsy Joe v Adri Gold
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"The spotlights are a good addition at The Loft and the quality of footage is not spoiled by shadows.
 Good to see GJ back in action with Adri getting some more experience."

Sleeping Around
Ray is training with the skipping rope which comes in useful
when experienced submission wrestler Jon challenges him to a match
    sleepinga4 Ray Junior v Jon Bilbao sleepinga7    
sleepingaii2    sleepingaii6    sleepingaii5
Sammy Scrapper v LJ Silva
sleeper fans will enjoy these grapplezone matches
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"When I first saw Jon approach Ray at the beginning he looked as if he was entering the Lions Den
but there was a different type of intensity from Jon - assume he had a mixed martial arts background.
Jon and Ray competed for every opportunity to get holds on so was a fantastic bout to watch 
with Ray using all his strength and tenacity ..."
"Always keen to see how Long John Silva gets on when he takes part in productions
but you can tell Sammy is coming on leaps and bounds ...
... good trading of holds on the mats with the nimbler Sammy using his speed and experience ..."

Seeing Stars 3
our third sponsored promission tournament in the ring
Ray Junior - Sam Smiler - Gypsy Joe - Adri Gold
three matches
for leglock lovers everywhere!


SeeingS39   SeeingS38   SeeingS39

SeeingS310 Download: Buy Now
"the tournament gives Adri and GJ - coming on leaps and bounds -  a chance 
to put their recent learning into practice against more experienced opponents."
 "... enjoyed the final tussle ... good close fought encounter with great selection of holds from both guys."

Grapplin' Newsreel March 2017
Previews of recent "Promission" Matches from The Loft Studio featuring Team Spotland & Guests
on our YouTube Channel:
Personal DVD Compilation
choose three titles from our 2017 Collection
and Order from our Website Shop:

"Good day! I received the dvds this morning and I have to tell you that they are of good quality with top wrestlers, congratulations!
I would recommend to others! ... thanks again."


Bullseye Boyz 1 
The first of a series with Army & Navy guys
challenging each other lifting weights, grappling & abs testing!
Ray Junior v LJ Silva
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"I enjoyed the theme and tussle between Ray and Silva, with LJS being the more stronger physically.
 Good introduction of the Army and Navy gear for the series - did you get them made specially?"

The trunks worn by RJ & Silva in this series are available from:


Old Dog
Rob Palomino thinks his superior speed and agility will bring him victory against David Cuplu.
But will the young pup be able to put the old dog down?
A classic Brit Pro encounter scheduled for 8x3min rounds
with two falls, submissions or one knockout deciding the winner.
David Cuplu v Rob Palomino with Referee Nigel Crabtree
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Sponsored by the Welsh Wizard
"It was really good! The match has to be one of your best!" 
"The bout comes across really well and shows David as a good all round wrestler when he gets the opportunity" 
"Congratulations to the Spotland team once again.
Always enjoy wathing these talented guys keeping the sport alive.
Just keep the matches coming."


Shinobi Custom
a magical match!
We're pleased to see bodybuilder Lofty return to train with Flavi
but he suffers a humiliating ordeal when a Ninja materialises in the ring ...
  shinobi3  shinobicustom-005 Ninja Junior v Lofty Valentino shinobicustom-001  
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Sponsored by Victory Customs
"That was thoroughly entertaining. I love how you brilliantly integrated many of the different elements I wanted
and it made me happy to see that both these guys seemed to really enjoy themselves doing it.
"Lofty and Ray Junior did a great job and looked fantastic too!"
"I'm watching the custom Ninja match again and its excellence continues to reveal itself to me.
Bravo again to all involved.
So many nice little touches I keep spotting."
"Good to see Lofty back in action looking in great shape as always ..." 

*** Pro Club Double Header! ***
Forty Minutes of Traditional Pro Wrestling
ProClub81    Gypsy Joe & Ray Junior    ProClub82
in Pro Club 8
our series of Brit Pro style bouts showcasing new talent
returns with a second appearance for Gypsy Joe
in a one fall contest against experienced Ray Junior
Ray Junior v Gypsy Joe with Referee Nigel Crabtree
ProClub8iv   ProClub8iii    
"You can see GJ's confidence and ring presence greatly improved" 
Young Ady v Gypsy Joe
in Pro Club 9
Young Ady returns to the ring in an atmospheric bout which will be a joy for our old-school fans!
Winner of The McCoy Award for Best Match of 2017
 SnapShot(515)  SnapShot(542)
Young Ady v Gypsy Joe with Referee Nigel Crabtree
contest scheduled for 8 x 3 minute rounds
one fall, submission or knockout will decide the winner   
   SnapShot(524)-001  Download: Buy Now

"... the guys will take time to get used to the corner stools but a nice touch!" 
"Really enjoyed Pro Club 9 ***** star performance from both Ady and GJ.
 GJ looking more comfortable in the ring and his whole approach is convincing.
 Great arsenal of holds from Ady but Joe hung in there and did his best competing well.
 Really top class performance from both lads and great camera work throughout the bout."
"Great match and even better Indian Death Lock!"

"The whole structure is perfect, the introduction to the matches, the corner men and the ref, and the lighting is excellent.
Seeing it close up clarifies how good these guys really are. I have to say this is the best I have ever watched.
Just simply love it and Young Ady is the icing on the cake. This guy is tops, what a talent and first class grappler."

"This is Brit Pro at its best. Doesn't get any better than this."


Ray Junior v LJ Silva in Bullseye Beatdowns
abs challenge scenes from the Bullseye Boyz 1-3 series
available to stream or download:
Buy Bullseye Beatdowns


Hipster Boyz
a sporting competitive submission match.
Guest Jon is 28, 75kgs, lithe & muscular with 4 years Jiu Jitsu experience.
Ady is a stockier guy and key member of our roster for over seven years.
Who will win this "best of five" contest?
Hipster8  Hipster3  Hipster4 
Jon Bilbao v Young Ady
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"a tough encounter"

Gypsy Horseman
Rob Palomino reckons he makes a living out of beating up gypsies
and expects this match to be a step towards the Spotland Championship belt.
But rookie Gypsy Joe might not be a pushover.
    GypsyH4  Rob Palomino v Gypsy Joe with Referee Nigel Crabtree
Download: Buy Now

"I enjoyed Gypsy Horseman. A well spent £5."
"Good to see Gypsy Joe developing as an all round wrestler."

"Ask Him Ref!" Spring 2017
Previews of recent Brit Pro releases
featuring Team Spotland & Guests
on our YouTube Channel:


LaalR5 Time for Tea!
La'al Rider
a fun lift & carry scenario
introducing La'al Pete
  LaalR2  LaalR7  LaalR10
Young Ady, Lofty Valentino & Flavi Forza with La'al Pete 
  Download: Buy Now
Sponsored by Greet Stefan 
"I'd really love to meet Ady, Lofty, Flavi and Pete again; 
they are extremely strong, really nice and genuine guys
and during the afternoon I felt that I was spending time with friends.
I still can't believe that they went thru' my entire list of lifts
- what an amazing afternoon it was!"

"All I can say is - HOLY SH*** this video was FUN!
 The little guy is cute - and being used as a weight for all the guys to lift and carry and use 
- especially the bicep curls and baby carried -  that is such a fantasy of mine!"

Turkish Delight 3
custom oil wrestling with both guys really going for it
TurkishD310  TurkishD37  TurkishD39  TurkishD35
Young Ady v Ray Junior
Download: Buy Now     TurkishD313  TurkishD38
 Sponsored by Lionel Messy
"Many thanks for this - a great match up between two leaders of the Spotland crew
- one of the best oil matches you've filmed (and I reckon I've got them all!)  
As you say - the two guys really go for it, and are both looking in great shape
- the lighting and the oil really show off their muscles,
I'm not sure many of the moves would be legal in Kirkpinar.

 Here's hoping it'll sell well and you do more oil bouts
(happy to sponsor other oil/messy bouts in a few months,
but would be good if others did too !!)"

 "... a good old roll and slither in the Oil Zone ..."

 "... it's really well filmed and the two guys are in peak shape ...
I love the 'wardrobe malfunction' at the end!"
Le Boxeur
We welcome back the experienced rugged Parisian 6'3" 14st Eti Eiffel
who dominates boxer & rookie wrestler Lofty in the ring
LeBox3  LeBox4 
Eti Eiffel v Lofty Valentino
LeBox7  Download: Buy Now

"Thank you for the matches you have been arranging -- they are excellent and I always enjoy them!
Keep up the great work!"


Pro Club 10
LJ Silva makes his pro debut aiming to use his power
against the experienced lightweight technician Ray Junior
snapshot(816)-001  snapshot(827)-001  snapshot(837)-001
Ray Junior v LJ Silva 
with Referee Nigel Crabtree
Download: Buy Now

"Good addition to Pro Club series with LJS taking on Ray Junior in an entertaining skilful bout."
"LJS  was in good form with his pin fall technique ..."
Spladle Splits
custom match with a masked wrestler, spladles and a rope!
Spladle1  Spladle3  
David Cuplu v Lucas Mascat
 Spladle4  Download: Buy Now
Sponsored by Maskman
"Hey I just wanted to tell you that I loved the custom, I'll definitely be ordering another one soon. Keep the mask please."  
Spotland Slamdown
Gypsy uses smashes and slams to wear Joey down
in this custom Brit Pro match
slam12  slam9  slam4  slam6
Gypsy Joe v Joey Eden with Referee Nigel Crabtree
 slam1  slam10  slam11  slam5 
Download: Buy Now
Sponsored by Batley Basher
"Really very good."

"Great to see Joey back in action with Gypsy Joe in a very active and entertaining bout ..."
 "Watching the bout brought back memories from my visit when you see the pinfall move that I was taught
and seeing the correct way to do the body slam ... amazing what you can pick up in the Spotland experience."
"Thank you for the prompt delivery of my latest DVD.
Really enjoyed the two energetic Brit Pro bouts featuring outstanding performances by GJ and LJS.
Ray Junior always gives of his best and likeable Joey is always a pleasure to watch.
Congratulations to all the team. Can't wait for more of the action."

"Spotland Slamdown - loved this match as bodyslams one of my favourites.
Fast and well paced jobber-heel scenario with cheeky confidence from Gypsy Joe.
Love the flexing his bicep as he slams his hapless opponent yet again. Brilliant!"

Ray Jay's Scissors
Ray catches newbie Pete lifting weights, laughs at his "chicken legs"
and challenges him to a scissors match
RJScissors5  RJScissors 
RJScissors8  RJScissors11
Ray Junior v La'al Pete  
Download Buy Now
"Good to see Ray Junior enjoying a Scissorfest" 

La Baguette
Ady threatens to break his French opponent in half!
LaBag3  LaBag2  LaBag1
Young Ady v Eti Eiffel
LaBag4  LaBag5  LaBag6
Download: Buy Now

"I liked the trash talk at the start ... a great match."


French Fries
Our Parisian guest wrestler gets a surprise from Spotland's two chipper small fries on the Oil Zone
FrenchFries5  FrenchFries2  FrenchFries4  FrenchFries1
Eti Eiffel v Ray Junior & La'al Pete
FrenchFries3  Download: Buy Now
 "I just purchased French Fries and like to say how great the match and filming is ... I enjoyed it from start to finish ..."

Phoney War
Ray Junior has been stealing from the locker room.
When four of the guys confront him, RJ says he can do what he wants because he's the boss.
They challenge him to prove it by fighting each one of them in turn.
Phoney5  Phoney6  Phoney1  Phoney3
Ray Junior v Young Ady - Lofty Valentino - LJ Silva - La'al Pete
Phoney2  Phoney9  Phoney9
Download: Buy Now

Custom Match Sponsor
Keel Hauler
"Just finished watching ... it was great! Loved how you incorporated so much of what I asked."

"Good lively production with Ray giving a lesson to the Four Just Men"

Summer Variety Newsreel
Previews of recent "Promission" style matches
featuring Team Spotland & Guests
on our YouTube Channel:

Striker Pose 1 & 2
Bodybuilder Lofty Valentino expects to overpower his opponents easily
in a double-header of ring promission contests
  Striker1i  Striker1iii  Striker1v 
Lofty Valentino v experienced all-round grappler Young Ady
Download Striker Pose 1  Buy Now

"... type of match I enjoy to do myself and also watch ... Ady being his usual self, good opponent that gave him a challenge,
 I liked the bit of talk at the start ...
Ady is looking his fittest yet!"

"Lofty the powerhouse against the master of submission holds Ady."

Striker2i  Striker2vii  Striker2vi
Lofty Valentino v Jon Bilbao blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Striker2iii  Download Striker Pose 2  Buy Now  Striker2iv 
"Just downloaded these latest two matches to my collectIon.
Absolutely brilliant wrestling. They don't get any better than Spotland Scrappers.
Best wishes guys and keep up the good work."

"... excellent ... like the Spanish guy ... one of your best guests."


DirtyHabits2ii Lofty Valentino features in two custom matches 
Dirty Habits 1
Lofty uses more power moves but LJ Silva is better at brawling and fighting,
until one of the guys dominates towards the end and produces an unusual flying knockout finishing move.
DirtyHabits1ii  DirtyHabits1i  Download: Buy Now
Lofty Valentino v LJ Silva 

Dirty Habits 2
again there's more slams and bearhugs than grappling,
with powerful Lofty trying to deal with cheating moves from Gypsy Joe
as the match develops into a brawl and a knockout win!   
 DirtyHabits2vi  DirtyHabits2iv  DirtyHabits2v
Gypsy Joe v Lofty Valentino 
DirtyHabits2vi  Download:  Buy Now

Thanks to our Sponsor 
Arstosur Customs

"... very much enjoyed the latest releases featuring Lofty Valentino.
I particularly appreciate the excellent camera work. I also find the sound very well done; 
it is fun to hear the wrestlers talking to each other and revealing something of their personalities.
The videos are fairly priced and I like the "sporty" and unsleazy  production values."


Spladle Splits 2
 spladles tapout custom match on the grapplezone
Spladle2i  Spladle2ii  Spladle2iv
Lofty Valentino
v Young Ady
Spladle2iii  Spladle2v  Download: Buy Now

Thank You!

"Really enjoyed this match. Great technique and ability. Spotland Scrappers are terrific guys."

"Great splits!"


Take It Two!
slam & bridge themed custom match
TakeIt2iii  TakeIt2iv  TakeIt2v  TakeIt2i
LJ Silva v Ray Junior
Download: Buy Now

Sponsored by Cloud One Customs
"Thanks so much for all the hard work, I really appreciate it!"

"I've just been watching it and have a smile on my face. Great action from Ray and LJ, perhaps in old money a catchweight match?
Inventive, amusing and entertaining and some rather unusual moves.
Love LJ glorying in his power lifting Ray, and the tough feisty Ray showing his strength too lifting his bigger opponent.
Must compliment you too on the quality of the filming and production values overall - very good."


Sammy Scrapper
returns in Renatus 2
we're delighted to see Sammy back looking pretty fearsome
as he laughs at "skinny boy" Pete in this ring baptism
Renatus2x  Renatus2xii  Renatus2vii
Sammy Scrapper v  La'al Pete
Renatus2xiii  Renatus2ix  Renatus2xi  

  Download: Buy Now


RetroVibePlus5  Retro Vibe Plus
a double-header for those with a soft spot for singlet squeezes to enjoy ...
will Lofty be able to match Silva's more brawling style?
RetroVibePlus2  RetroVibePlus1  RetroVibePlus6  RetroVibePlus8  
Lofty Valentino v LJ Silva
a dip into our archive to see two of our stars before they were famous!
RetroVibePlus4  Sammy Scrapper v Ray Junior  RetroVibePlus3  Download Buy Now

 "Congrats on the latest releases - I really enjoyed them. The guys have real ring presence ..."


Bullseye Beatdowns 2
LJ Silva gives Ray Junior a boxing lesson
BullseyeB21    BullseyeB25
featuring LJ Silva v Ray Junior
punchy clips from
Dirty Habits 2 - Renatus 2 - Spladle Splits 2

Stream / Download as part of our Beatdown Boyz series on Gumroad:
Buy Bullseye Beatdowns 2


Comic Capers
Ray Junior & LJ Silva are even dizzier than usual
as they find themselves locked in a comic book story
ComicCapers4   ComicCapers3   ComicCapers2
Ray Junior v LJ Silva
Download: Buy Now
Custom Match sponsored by Baker Daze

"This one certainly put a smile on my face, really a quite original and unusual match.
I do like the way these two work together very well, and the sense of fun."


OffMark3  Introducing Matt Fletcher in Off The Mark  OffTheMark1
31 year old Matt from Sunderland is 6ft and 85kgs so presents a serious challenge to young Rob.
One of Matt's hobbies is archery and he's targeting a victorious Spotland debut.
available on DVD


Kofun Fights
This is more of a fantasy fighting scenario than a wrestling match
with punches and grappling/chokes rather than wrestling/submission holds.
Ray and Silva are known as the best fighters in their regions.
Both guys are too cocky to share such a title, so they decide to meet up and fight it out.
They’ve agreed to a best out of three fights, with the winner declared by knocking out his opponent.
The last man standing wins, and can proudly claim to be the better fighter once and for all.
Both guys are confident they'll be the one walking away victorious.
kofun1   kofun5   kofun3 
Download: Buy Now

Custom Match sponsored by Mike Tekken
"I've watched the video several times since you sent it and really enjoyed it. Thank you so much!
I'm definitely keeping you in mind next time I want to order a custom!"

Matt Finish
The match is heavier guy vs smaller guy but the lighter one is experienced and a better wrestler. 
 The fight is more of a brawl as both guys use their fists, forearms, uppercuts. 
 Matt uses power at times with slams and bearhugs against the resilient Ray,
who beats up Matt in & outside the ring.
MattFinish1  MattFinish2  MattFinish3
Matt Fletcher v Ray Junior
MattFinish5  MattFinish4  MattFinish7
Download: Buy Now

Custom Match sponsored by Arstosur Customs
"This is an amazing custom, please tell the guys how good they are ..."
"... keep making great matches ... happy to support you guys ..."

Bush Wacked
Johnny "Aussie" Hall makes a welcome return
against the lighter but lively Rob Palomino
in this catchweight contest scheduled for 8 x 3min rounds
Rob Palomino v Johnny Hall with Referee Nigel Crabtree
available on DVD


Introducing Franky Dare
 in Frantic Franky
Raw rookie Franky Dare makes his debut against stockier & experienced Sammy Scrapper.
The match turns into something of a schoolyard scrap as Sammy struggles to control Franky who's like a Jack in the Box!
Franky1  FrankyF2  FrankyF7
Sammy Scrapper v Franky Dare in Frantic Franky
  FrankyF9  FrankyF11

"... good to see Da Boss taking Frank to school ..."
8AbsAris  Introducing 8 Abs Aris
 Abs Fab
Young Ady gives a warm Spotland welcome to 8 Abs Aris
a fitness model & novice wrestler making his debut in this promission match
AbsFab1  AbsFab2  AbsFab5
Young Ady v 8 Abs Aris in Abs Fab
AbsFab3  AbsFab6 
Download: Buy Now

 "Absolutely Fabulous Match"


Spladle Splits 3
They might be gym buddies but Ady dominates trainee Beni in this custom match
demonstrating spladles, kneebars & toe holds with the guys casually attired in tracksuit bottoms
SpladleSplits3i  spladlesplits3ii  spladlesplits3xviviv
Young Ady v Beni Zotmar
spladlesplits3xiv  spladlesplits3xvivivivivii  spladlesplits3xv

"The content is all there and it's everything we wanted"


Travellers Trials
Young Ady introduces newbie Traveller Tom to some moves
and just when Tom thinks he's survived the punishment
Flavi enters the ring to bring him more tribulation directed by Ady
 Travellers2  Travellers9  Travellers4  Travellers6
Travellers16  Travellers11  Travellers15
Young Ady & Flavi Forza v Traveller Tom
Download: Buy Now   Travellers12  Travellers17

"good fast moving bout finishing up with 2 on 1
always good to see some surfing
as part of the Ady introduction to Newbie aka Traveller Tom"


Boxer Shorts 3 & 4
two trainees go head-to-head
then join forces to take on Sammy Scrapper in a 2 v 1 scenario
BoxerS3v   BoxerS3vi   BoxerS3ii   BoxerS3iv
Franky Dare v Das Taser
Franky Dare & Das Taser v Sammy Scrapper
BoxerShorts4ii   BoxerS4iv   BoxerS4iii
Stream the latest in our Beatdown Boyz series on Gumroad: Buy Boxer Shorts 3&4


Bridge 2 Far
Slam & Bridge themed practice
with Franky learning to bridge the hard way
as Sammy enjoys the job of rookie wrecker!
bridgecmfootage8  bridgecmfootage1  bridgecmfootage2  bridgecmfootage12
Sammy Scrapper v Franky Dare
bridgecmfootage7  bridgecmfootage4  bridgecmfootage3  bridgecmfootage5 
Download: Buy Now

"... the action is quite good -- really impressive for his second ring appearance. I think Franky is gonna be a nice addition!"
"... custom match training footage really enjoyable ... DA Boss is back!"


*** Winter Warmers ***
There's snow on the ground at Spotland Towers
so we've put together some extended clips of our recent promission-style matches
on our Vimeo Channel:



Rag Tag
Introducing Joseph Barbera making his debut in a ring promission match with Sammy Scrapper.
Followed by tag team mayhem and a welcome return for Manni
RagTag1  RagTag4  RagTag5
Sammy Scrapper v Joseph Barbera
 RagTag7  RagTag9  RagTag12  
Sammy & Manni v Franky Dare & Joseph
RagTag10  RagTag8 
Download: Buy Now