Beatdown Boyz

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Beatdown Boyz

 a new series of productions for gp fans

streaming videos
on Gumroad


Sammy Scrapper v Carlos Luchador

in Scarface

We are very pleased to welcome back
Sammy Scrapper

who shows the ropes to new kid on the block
Carlos Luchador
in our special launch video


on the ropes





tied-up and helpless!

Lofty Valentino v LJ Silva

in One Two

Lofty is coaching Silva

"Left Right"
"One Two"

Lofty wants Silva to go home
but Silva wants a fight!

Lofty lands a punch
to Silva's abs

                            A "Boxer Shorts" video
                            from Gumroad at:



Gypsy Joe v Joey Eden

in Set-To

Joey Eden is in the middle of a circuit training set
and finds Gypsy Joe using his kettlebell.
A set-to in the ring follows!


Sammy Scrapper v Maly Bojovnik

in Czech Out

        Sammy Scrapper puts the gloves on
to introduce fast-moving Slovak Maly Bojovnik
our New Kid On The Block


Gypsy Joe - Ray Junior - Sam Smiler

in Punching Bryan 2

Gypsy Joe v Ray Junior
Sam Smiler v Gypsy Joe
Ray Junior v Sam Smiler

gloved-up on the Grapplezone


Young Ady & Gypsy Joe

in Sloggers

Boxing Challenge


RJ & JE v GJ & LJS

in Box Tag

Ray Junior & Joey Eden
v Gypsy Joe & LJ Silva
with a boxing & grappling mix


Ray Junior (Navy) v LJ Silva (Army) 

in Bullseye Beatdowns

abs challenge scenes from the Bullseye Boyz series

available on Gumroad


Bullet v Lofty Valentino

Ray Junior v LJ Silva


Bullseye Beatdowns 2

LJ Silva gives Ray Junior a boxing lesson

punchy clips from

  • Dirty Habits 2     Lofty Valentino v Gypsy Joe
  • Renatus 2             Sammy Scrapper v La'al Pete
  • Spladle Splits 2   Young Ady v Lofty Valentino
                   Seven Guys in Four Scenarios!

Sammy Scrapper v Ray Junior

in Punching Bryan 1

 We dip into the Archive for our first boxing video highlights. 

 The loser of a wrestling match challenges his opponent to put gloves on. Ray Junior & Sammy Scrapper throw the punches during boxing & wrestling practice at Spotland Mill in the old days!


Other Matches in our Collection
with a punching theme

The Two O'Clock

Boxer Shorts


Los Enmascerados
(& Return)